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Casa Mia Public Hearing POSTPONED

We were advised by bulk email, just after 2:30 on March 12 (less than 24 before the scheduled public hearing), that the City has postponed the Public Hearing tomorrow. Heres a copy of the Citys Notice to Registered Speakers:

Please note that staff have removed Item #3, 1920 Southwest Marine Drive (Casa Mia), from the Public Hearing agenda on March 13, 2014. Staff and the applicant were unable to finalize the legal agreement securing heritage in time for the Public Hearing.  A new date for the Public Hearing will be scheduled once the agreement is finalized.

We are shocked to learn of this indefinite postponement; particularly after the City and developer argued in Court just yesterday against any delay in this review to accommodate the Southlands Community Associations Injunction hearing. This is yet another example of the haphazard and inconsistent approach the City and developer have taken to this spot rezoning proposal which is simply too big and in the wrong place.

While we hope the City will take this opportunity for serious and genuine second thought, we cannot assume this fight is over.

This disrespectful, last-minute cancellation exemplifies an ongoing lack of respect for our community.

Please continue to make your voice heard by writing to City Hall. Heres a link to a letter you can send or adapt, or send your thoughts to:



Mayor and Council
City of Vancouver
453 West 12th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4


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Our commitment

The Southlands Community Association commits to playing a strong, yet respectful, role in addressing our region’s shared challenge in accommodating rapid future growth, reducing environmental impacts and providing housing for people of all ages while protecting and preserving the unique character of our neighbourhood  as well as its historical assets for future generations to enjoy.

We strongly believe change should be considered and implemented in a way that respects each community by honouring Vancouver City Council Policies and Neighbourhood Plans and Guidelines.   We are deeply concerned about the potential impact of incongruous and aggressive spot zoning development in our community.