About us

Caring for our Community

The Southlands Community Association is a group of local residents who, like others in Vancouver, care deeply about our unique community.

Located in the heart of a cosmopolitan city, Southlands stretches along the southern side of SW Marine Drive to the Fraser River, including the Blenheim Flats and some of the Musqueam lands. Click here to see the map of Southlands.

We value our connections to our community and one another, we value our large trees, green grass and residential neighbourhoods. Today, as historically we have been in the past, we are protective of our family oriented community.

We are nurses, teachers, doctors, small business owners, and students. We are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters; we are grandparents, friends and neighbours. We are homeowners, renters; new and life-long residents.

We love our homes with lawns, tree lined streets, schools and community parks. We welcome new residents and passionately embrace the diversity of ages, cultures and families in our community.