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David Grewal Committee Chair, and Association Representative
Diane King Committee Member
Marilyn Taylor Committee Member
Sheryl Spencer Association Representative
Joe McDermid Association Representative
Norm Marenych Committee Member
Nick Nijar Committee Member
Naudia Mache Association Representative

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 Naudia Maché

I love Vancouver the way it is now but also appreciate and cherish our shared history and heritage. I joined the Southlands Community Association with a group of like-minded community members because we are all seriously concerned about the ramifications of large scale developments on our community and City. If development is not sensitively considered by City staff and Council, the charm and quality of life that Vancouver has always been known and recognized for will be lost forever. That is why each decision made by the planning department and City Council to approve a substantial change in a neighbourhood must be thoughtfully and thoroughly considered. I believe there have been several questionable developments approved recently. Some of those will change the look of Granville Street forever.

Cities must be planned for the people who live in them. Development company should not take precedence over the policies and planning work that Council and communities have done together over the past decades.

Please support our local community association so that, together, we can ensure the voice of our community is heard at city hall.