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A Serious Thought and Several Things to Consider

The people who are laying palms and shouting with excitement as a Jesus entered the city had no real clue who Jesus was and what he'd come to do. They'd heard about all the miracles he had done, bringing people back from the dead and giving people sight, but they thought their Messiah would be a military leader, not a guy on a donkey. Where was his army? How was this King going to rule with no one to help over throw the Roman government?

Standing before Pilate it seems that the people gathered there we just following their Jewish leaders in their cry for Jesus to be crucified. It's easier to see where the crowd was wrong here. They traded a criminal for a man who there could be no charge brought against. The Jewish leaders saw Jesus as a threat to everything they were. He taught that loving God was more important than following the rules. That people we're more important than the doctrine they often used as a weapon.

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It's easy to believe what everyone else says. To not do any research for yourself and just go with the flow and repeat something you've heard. Our God is a relational one. Jesus came to have a relationship with us not to be admired from afar. We have been given the gift of being able to form our own opinions about Jesus who meets us right where we are. The crowd will do us no good.

My encouragement for this Holy Week is to seek out who Jesus is for yourself. Don't just believe the crowd because sometimes they get it wrong like in the two above stories. If you haven't already, read through the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) and find who Jesus really was. The stories laid out in the bible have everything to do with us personally. We are wrapped up in a story that continues even today. If we continue to rely on the crowd we'll never know the part God has hand-picked for us as that story continues to unravel before us.

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