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The answer is yes. All of us are at risk of high cholesterol. Of course, there are those of us who are at a higher risk than others. There are several factors that determine the level of risk you face as an individual. Some you can do something about, some you just have to accept.

  • Gender Men generally have a higher cholesterol level than women of the same age. Although this number keeps rising in both genders as they age.
  • Heredity There are some kinds of bad cholesterol that is actually inherited. Although this is not as rampant as the high cholesterol levels that we bring upon ourselves, it still does exist.
  • Age The older you get, the higher your risk increases.

As mentioned earlier, there are factors that put us at high risk of increased cholesterol levels which we can actually prevent. These include:

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  • Diet
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Weight
  • Exercise
  • Stress

So as you can see, we are all at risk of high cholesterol .

What is Lowerol?

Just because all of us are at risk of high cholesterol does not mean that we should resign ourselves to this fate. High cholesterol is one of the leading factors that propagate heart disease. It is therefore paramount that we do all we can to keep this sinister condition at bay.

Most people do so by exercising, eating healthy and generally taking care of themselves. However, if you find that you already have high cholesterol levels, using Lowerol is your best bet at getting better in a safe and fast way.

Lowerol is the perfect medicine to reduce your cholesterol levels in as little as 30 days. It is made from natural plant based ingredients that are not harmful to you in any way.

Lowerol contains ingredients that have been used by forward thinking medicinal cultures for years in their efforts to moderate high cholesterol levels and heart diseases.

One of the main benefits of using Lowerol to lower your cholesterol is that it is fast. In as little as 30 days , you will have reduced your cholesterol levels to a manageable degree.

Another benefit is that it is made up of purely natural plant based ingredients . This makes it safe and absolutely usable eve for vegetarians.

Finally, these capsules are meant to be taken along side a healthy diet. Which means that you get to develop great lifestyle changing habits while you are on Lowerol . This is how you can control and keep your cholesterol levels at bay.

Lowerol Side Effects

Lowerol uses Red yeast Rice, Grape seed extract, Policosanol and Coenzyme. All very natural plant based ingredients that are not harmful to your system whatsoever, yet very effective in lowering ones cholesterol production and levels. For that very reason, Lowerol does not have an adverse side effects on the user . It is natural, harmless and effective.

Is Lowerol for You?

If you are tired of being at risk of developing deadly heart disease by having cholesterol levels that have long since gone through the roof, then yes, Lowerol is for you.

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